💕Bruno puppy love 💕

Our best friends for sure!!! And yes for me another child!! So love this sweet guy!! He keeps us very busy that’s for sure!! He’s our chocolate lab mix rescue puppy from the local shelter, he’s about 5 months old now!! We got him at the required 8 weeks, he’s a dog from Mississippi!! Hes a southern charmer!! And He really is spoiled, just today my son asked if he could watch puppy tv with Bruno before we went on errands!! There they were both sitting under the table watching and listening to puppy tv!! Too cute!! I’m not sure who comes up with these ideas or makes up these videos but it’s awesome!! Music and pictures that seem to be calming!! I think my son loves it more than Bruno!! But so cute anyways!! For today Bruno sends his love!! He would If he could, I just know it, he loves people and getting patted, he’s still learning about people and sometimes he’s not quite sure about them, so his fur stands up alittle but I assure him that everythings alright when he gets that way!! I guess we need that sometimes too, right!! When I bring him to school the kids love to say hello!! I don’t think Bruno understands how big and strong he is, so I usually have to hold him back so he doesn’t hurt anybody because he wants to jump on them. Lol! I definately recommend a harness for sure!! Hope everyone’s enjoying thier day and thier fur family!!

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