🌞🌊Fun in the Sun & Mexican street corn!! Keeping life interesting…. 🌞🌊

💕I had such a fun time boogie boarding in the ocean at my favorite beach, Long Sands Beach in York Maine! Hanging out with friends and My kiddos made for a perfect beach day!! Here’s what our day looked like and a simple recipe for Mexican street corn!! 🙂



Who knew it would be so much fun to jump over waves and ride them back to the shore line!! We laughed and screamed with excitement, it was awesome!! I’m not going to lie but my daughter had to convince me to go in, the water was a bit chilly at first but once you got in and adapted, it was amazing!!

The waves were all different sizes but it was awesome to watch them!! We watched with excitement waiting for the ones we wanted to ride… we’d say should we jump it  Or (ride) “go back”…while my son, who is 12 and his Friends were enjoying bigger waves and were farther in the water and having the time of their life too!! I could see him from where we were, my daughter is alittle  shorter than he is. ok a lot, so it was safer for her to be further back… shes only 9..!!C33C6AEE-9299-40F3-841C-FE1D61A2FB92.jpeg


Beach Friends



The beach is a great place to catch up with friends and enjoy the beauty of creation and relax… Here are me and my girlfriends, we all speak Spanish and have so much in common!! We always have a wonderful time together, Love these Chicas!! I love this picture too!!

Mexican Street Corn

So some of our snacks besides my turkey sandwich was corn on the cob and watermelon!! I had my corn plain, but it was still yummy (unfortunately I’m omitting cheese from my diet, sour cream and mayo) Both my friends are mexicanas so they truly enjoyed their Mexican treat, corn on the cob that you would normally buy on the streets there!! Looked so delicious!! Here how it was prepared: Id like to share this easy and fun way to eat corn on the cob!


Mexican street corn recipe
  1. Cooked or grilled corn on the cobb
  2. Mayo and/or sour cream, smother your corn with your choice then sprinkle with cheese; Cheese can be either crumbled cacique cheese, shredded or crumbled mozzarella, or feta and cheddar mix 🙂 my friend used queso fresco!!
  3. Sprinkle  with chili powder

4. Enjoy!!

My friend brought all the ingredients in their jars and containers, everyone took turns putting their toppings on and waaallaaa!! A perfect snack..it can be eaten either warm or cold!! Yummm

Optional; sprinkle with cilantro and lemon or lime!! And Alittle garlic powder 🙂

All good things come to an end

So at the end of the day, we all have to go eventually go to our separate homes!! We played hard and truly enjoyed the sun, the beach and time with friends!! Till next year with these girls……I will miss them..

Driving back we were so relaxed and ready to face the world, really that’s the feeling you get when you set aside time to recharge!! Till our next beach adventure!!!

Hope you are finding time to get away and enjoy nature around you!! I highly recommend a beach day, York is a great spot! You will Have Fun!!

Thanks for reading, visiting and following along! Have a wonderful day!!









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