First week of school joys!! Great job stay at home parent(s) 😀

As we head to sleep land, a time to rest our Heads and drift off to hopefully some good dreams!! I wanted to say yay that This week is totally behind us!!

For many Maine students tonight ends the first week of school!! If you are a stay at home mom be proud you’ve maneuvered and scheduled and helped your kiddos thru this time of change!! Some students are doing hybrid learning! Others totally remote like mine and yet others a mix of both!! What are yours doing??

Shout out also to all the wonderful teachers out there, keep up the great work!! Thanks for making our children smile 🙂 and for your patience in this time of adjustment for all of us too!!

Well I have to say today was a good day but when we were on day three, my kids were waking me up!! So sad!! Lol!! But that’s life, when we’re that busy it catches up to us!! I also had a project to get done and my volunteer work on the side 🙂 phew!! I’m not a great multitasker!! So that’s why today I decided to be fully present for both my kids!! It was great!! I love being home with them and experiencing their joys and helping with frustrations!! It can be challenging at times and I know i’ll have many more trials but love it just the same!!

Please know moms or dads out there being monitors for your kids schooling, You are awesome and very valuable!! I came across an add for exactly what we’re doing, helping our kids stay on task and making  simple lunches!! Guess what the pay was?? 20-25 dollars!! How cool is that!! It made me feel like I’m doing a very important job!! And we really are!!

Please make sure though that your kids are eating well 🙂 there are so many simple but yummy foods you can prepare for them. I will post some ideas in another post!! Some kids are enjoying school lunches delivered to their homes, which is awesome!! However is it enough for your growing child? I’m grateful for the provisions however portion size is important 🙂

I hope everyone had a wonderful week!! And a great first week here in Maine!! Thanks for visiting 🙂


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